CubePay - We make payment simple.


CubePay is a leading digital payment financial technology company.

"Every second, our RadiumOne Merchant Payment Platform works quietly behind the scenes to support millions of digital payment transactions across thousands of merchants, from payment terminals to smart devices and e-commerce sites. We work hard to take away the complexity to give you peace of mind. We care about your experience.

And we make payment simple."


"We are committed to delivering superb customer value and satisfaction."

May Shan Tan - Co-Founder and COO

CubePay Radiumone Merchant Payment Platform - We make payment simple.


RadiumOne Merchant Payment Platform connects merchants to the payment ecosystem without fuss. RadiumOne applications are designed to fit your needs from enterprise merchants with thousands of points of presence to micro-merchants and e-commerce merchants. Our business consultants will guide you on what is best for your business.



We recognise that enterprise payment is complex and requires bespoke solutions. We provide professional enterprise digital payment consulting, design, customised software development, deployment and round-the-clock technical support. Our experienced technical consultants will partner with you in the co-creation journey, understanding your requirements and turning them into actionable outcomes.

CubePay Radiumone Enterprise Payment Solutions - We make payment simple.
CubePay Merchant Support Services - We make payment simple.


Merchant payment acceptance is the pivotal high point of the customer purchase journey. Major acquirers and payment processors have worked with us to manage payment devices across our merchant network. We provide tailored and comprehensive Merchant Support Services.

"Partnership is at the heart of our business model. And we strive to create a multiplier effect on the value of our partnerships for our customers."

Benjamin Chua - Co-Founder and CTO


We are a trusted partner in the payment ecosystem, bringing together the best-in-class payment technologies, networks, processors and acquirers with one single-minded mission - to make payment simple for merchants.

CubePay Payment Ecosystem Partner - UOB
CubePay Payment Ecosystem Partner - GlobalPayments
CubePay Payment Ecosystem Partner - Global Blue

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CubePay Payment Ecosystem Partner - American Express (AMEX)
CubePay Payment Ecosystem Partner - NETS
CubePay Payment Ecosystem Partner - Verifone
CubePay Payment Ecosystem Partner - Castles Technology
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