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Over the years, we have made a steadfast commitment to providing the highest level of service to our partners - payment acquirers, processors, and merchants. Thus, we have created one of the most comprehensive Merchant Support Services, customised to suit individual business expectations, system and networking requirements, and data security specifications.

We have extensively invested in human capital development, CRM, integrated round-the-clock (24 x 7) call centre, field operations, asset management, specialised security facility and a dedicated DevOps team. Below highlights several key services provided by us.


You can expect our call centre and field technicians to be trained and technically qualified. They are trained in providing merchants in our network with both remote and on-site diagnostics. Our fully integrated round-the-clock (24 x 7) CRM and call management automatically prioritise calls, response and resolution tracking.

CubePay - Merchant Support Serivces - Trained Professionals
CubePay - Merchant Support Serivces - Device Management


Every payment terminal is designed to meet specific business and technical requirements. We have the complete facility to rapidly install new software and configure terminals at scale. We are able to provide remote monitoring for asset tracking and preventive maintenance (certain models).

CubePay - Merchant Support Serivces - Priority Exchange Programme


CubePay's priority exchange programme ensures that merchants have minimised downtime and revenue loss. Our trained field technicians could provide merchants with instant device swop - no question asked.


We pride ourselves in project management and asset-tracking management - deploying payment terminals and devices at any number of points of sale. We have extensive experience in undertaking highly complex and large-scale payment terminal deployments over the years. It is the expertise that you can count on.

CubePay - Merchant Support Serivces - Payment Device Deployment
CubePay - Merchant Support Serivces - PIN-Entry Device Disposal


PIN-Entry Devices (PED) risk being tampered when they are not correctly disposed. We work with third-party professional companies in providing security-class physical asset destruction and disposal service, complying to current regulatory and security protocols.


All payment devices are susceptible to theft and fraud. We have adopted the PCI security protocols and standards in setting up a specialised high-security facility to undertake direct Secure Key Injection. The process involves physically injecting data encryption keys into each physical payment device. This ensures that sensitive data is not compromised. We are able to perform secure key injection for all major POS terminals.

CubePay - Merchant Support Serivces - Secure Key Injection
CubePay - Merchant Support Serivces - Advanced Asset Management


We offer Advanced Asset Management service to locate, track and manage payment devices in accordance to international security standards. We provide an up to date monthly report on the inventory status.

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Every payment terminal deployed at merchant's point of sale has to undergo stringent quality checks and inspection. This applies to both new and refurnished devices. Refurnished devices have to undergo firmware update, deep cleaning and testing before these are certified fit for purpose.

CubePay - Merchant Support Serivces - Good as New - Always New
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